Ecosystem FAQ

Who is the team developing the Provenance Blockchain Network?

The Provenance Blockchain Network is a project that is supported by the Provenance Blockchain Foundation. Most of the initial software development was done by the team from Figure Technology Inc. Over time, in the spirit of community building, the development will become more decentralized. Please check out Provenance Blockchain’s grants program or join the development community.

Where is the code?

The Provenance Blockchain code is maintained at

What is the open source license used for the code?

The open source license for all the code is the Apache 2.0 license.

How does Provenance Blockchain fit into Cosmos’ Internet of Blockchains?

Cosmos is the blockchain pioneer of the Hub & Spoke architecture. Hubs act as routers for Zones. “Zones” are Cosmos-speak for “application-specific blockchains”. Each Zone is a spoke connected to a hub. Hubs can be connected with other hubs. Together, this ecosystem of connected Hubs and Zones makes up the Cosmos Network, or what is commonly referred to as the ‘Internet of the Blockchains’. Note that the Cosmos ecosystem is entirely permission-less, meaning that anyone can create a Hub or a Zone, and each blockchain is free to accept or refuse connections with other blockchains.
Within this Cosmos Network, the Provenance Blockchain network is considered a “Zone”, i.e. an application-specific blockchain that can exchange tokens with other blockchains through the IBC protocol.

Where can I get Developer support?

Check out the Provenance Blockchain Developer Chat and the Provenance Blockchain Github repos for technical support from the growing community of Provenance Blockchain developers.

Where can I find a tutorial of how to build a Provenance Blockchain app?

Visit the Provenance Blockchain Tutorials website to learn how to build your own Provenance Blockchain app in minutes. (ref?)

What is the Provenance Blockchain SDK?

The Provenance Blockchain SDK is a modular development framework that allows developers to build and connect DeFi applications to the Provenance Blockchain.