Grants Program Details

The foundation funds a grants program where “Provenance Blockchain Improvement Proposals (PIPs)” are solicited from the community and possibly funded. Those proposals can address new functionality and features that enhance the appeal and acceptance of the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem. Proposals for more forward looking research projects and feasibility studies of applications leveraging the ecosystem in different economic settings and geographies, are also very welcome. Those PIPs are presented to the foundation council and members, who will vote on the funding of those projects.
We're still working out the details for this program - it will most probably be very much like Cosmos' Interchain Foundation's grants program - stay tuned!!!
The initial list has been informally gathered - expect the list to grow once anyone can submit proposals!

Provenance Blockchain Improvement Proposals (PIPs)

Provenance Blockchain Validator Cloud Deployment Automation

Create a one-button, Terraform-like deployment of the Provenance Blockchain/Validator in a major cloud provider with tight integration with KMS and/or HMS. This would make it easier for Figure/Provenance Blockchain business partners to adopt Provenance Blockchain and have real skin in the game by staking Hash. Effort: 2w - SRE Bounty: 2 * $3500 = $7,000

Provenance Blockchain Tutorials

Create professional-grade tutorials to educate developers how to code DeFi client applications with the Provenance Blockchain SDK. Maybe a Coursera-style video course... Effort: 4w - Dev/writer Bounty: 4* $2500 = $10,000

How to become a Provenance Blockchain Delegator Tutorial (with app)

Create professional-grade tutorials to educate Hash holders how to become stake-holders with a Validator. What are the benefits? The differences? The possible different ROI?. What is the risk? Maybe an app with a nice GUI that lists the available Validators with their particular ROI-offerings to Delegators, with an easy way to transfer Hash to stake with the Validator of choice, or move if out of the Validator’s stake, or from one Validator to another. Effort: 4w - Dev/writer Bounty: 4* $2500 = $10,000

College-level DeFi course based on Provenance Blockchain ecosystem

Develop a one semester undergraduate/graduate course that teaches DeFi concepts using blockchain-based applications. The course will include Provenance Blockchain as an example, and will have students develop basic DeFi-apps that leverage the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem. Make course material freely available (public domain) to encourage adoption world-wide. Effort: 4w - prof/TA Bounty: 4* $3500 = $14,000

Provenance Blockchain Smart-Contract Tutorial

Create a professional-grade tutorial to educate developers on how to create smart smart-contracts that leverage settlement and off-chain immutable documents. The tutorial should focus on using Rust with the WASM Smart-Contract engine configured with the Provenance Blockchain. Effort: Bounty:

Provenance Blockchain Applications outside of OECD

Investigate the viability of DeFi use cases that apply outside of the OECD economies and financial systems. Answer questions about how developing countries could leverage a Provenance Blockchain ecosystem with dedicated applications that make trade and trading within their economies more transparent, less speculative, and more efficient. Effort: 4w - MBA/dev Bounty: 4 * $3500 - 14,000

Provenance Blockchain Transaction Browser

Develop a user-friendly transaction browser that allows one to see the details of the on-chain entries resolved to friendly names. It will also allow one to drill down into the off-chain (encrypted) documents that are referred to with hash-ids in the on-chain transactions (if the user has the right permissions of course). Effort: Bounty:

Provenance Blockchain Post-Quantum Sustainability

Investigate, research, and collaborate to replace those cryptographic algorithms that are at risk when quantum computers become a reality. In that event, quantum computers are a threat to the integrity provided by the current blockchain, encrypted object store, and transport security. Effort: 2d/m ongoing - report 2/y - blockchain/crypto dev - put crypto researcher on retainer - Stanford (Boneh)? Berkeley? coordinate with Cosmos/IBC Bounty.

Yearly Provenance Blockchain User Conference

Organize a yearly conference with tutorials, real use cases, Foundation’s Past & Future, etc. Effort: Bounty:

Yearly Provenance Blockchain Hackathon

Put together a yearly hackathon. Maybe make it part of the yearly User Conference. Effort: Bounty:

Provenance Blockchain Project/Bounty Contracts On-Chain

Provenance Blockchain has a grants process for proposed projects. This process will include a proposal phase, evaluation, voting, granting, and delivering of promised functionality. Specifically the granting will include a contract between the foundation and the project owners that stipulates the amount that will be paid, payment schedule, currency, deliverables, time tables, etc. The eat-your-own-dogfood principle requires Provenance Blockchain to fund a project for an app that will move this granting process as much as possible on its blockchain. Effort: 4w - dev/writer Bounty: 4 * $3500 = $14,000

Fiat CryptoCurrency Minting Example-Code/Template for Omnibus Banks

Begin minting fiat cryptocurrency. Should help lower the barrier to entry for Omnibus Banks to become part of the P-ecosystem services and facilitate settlements that involve fiat-currency payment. Effort: 4w - dev/writer Bounty: 4 * $3500 = $14,000