Funding Program

The Foundation is seeded with a generous fund to support the foundation's operation, the core infrastructure, and a grants program for Improvement Projects (PIPs).
Ongoing funding is provided by levying fees (gas) on the use of the Provenance Blockchain network services.
The Provenance Blockchain native utility-token to pay for services is Hash, which can be freely bought and sold on publicly exchanges.

The Provenance Blockchain Utility-Token: Hash

Smart-contract and Validator services on the Provenance Blockchain network are paid for in Hash. 2% of that gas fee is levied to support the Provenance Blockchain foundation.
See the Hash utility-token section for details.

The Provenance Blockchain Core Infra Funding

The core infrastructure services, code and operations have guaranteed funding to ensure a high level of integrity and service-level of the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem operation.
The foundation works off an annual budget for core infrastructure support, and uses commercial contracts to pay entities for the associated work.
See the Core Infrastructure Details page for additional information. ****

The Provenance Blockchain Grants Program

The grants program funds Provenance Blockchain Improvement Proposals (PIPs) that are chosen by the members through voting.
Anyone can propose a project for work that can benefit the community and/or enhance the ecosystem. If the foundation members vote favorably on a proposal, the submitters will be funded for the associated work.
Our Provenance Blockchain grants program is similar to the Interchain Foundation funding program and Ethereum Foundation's grants programs.
See the Grants Program Details section for additional information.