A non-profit org that manages, supports, and funds an ecosystem for its community that enables the creation and operation of sophisticated, blockchain-based DeFi apps.

Provenance Blockchain Foundation Mission

Our mandate is to provide the world’s best ecosystem for developing and deploying DeFi applications. We believe a community-driven, open-source model based on the best-in-class, eco-friendly Cosmos/Tendermint internet of blockchains is essential for the success and wide adoption of the next generation of decentralized financial applications.

What is the Provenance Blockchain Foundation

The Provenance Blockchain Foundation (PBF) is an organization dedicated to supporting the development of DeFi applications that leverage the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem.
The Provenance Blockchain Foundation supports and sponsors the development, maintenance and operations of a set of custom modules and infrastructure services to help with the creation of distributed applications that streamline management of financial instruments and transactions. Those modules are integrated within the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem and may therefore be readily adopted, integrated, and productized by clients.
The PBF supports and funds a grants program for Provenance Blockchain Improvement Projects (PIP). This program is used to improve and enhance the ecosystem components and services, and to provide education for and outreach to the community and beyond about the why’s and how-to’s of leveraging the Provenance Blockchain network, its services, and its SDK.
The PBF does not own the Provenance Blockchain network nor any of its applications. Its mission is to bring a community together with the common purpose of creating, supporting and leveraging the best of breed DeFi ecosystem. The only reason for the community to stay together under the umbrella of the PBF, is when the benefits of the ecosystem for the community members and the ROI for the members of investing in that ecosystem, are clear and worthwhile - the PBF must work to ensure those conditions are met. Note that although the PBF will own the Github accounts where the code of the infrastructure components is maintained, the Apache 2.0 license allows anyone to freely fork the effort and use the code anyway they see fit elsewhere.