Participants are individuals/entities that transact on Provenance Blockchain to register, custody and trade assets. Any participant can become a Validators or Delegators. Participants pay transaction fees when executing transactions on Provenance Blockchain. In addition the Client Execution Environment can assist in facilitating private conversations and processes between participants that are hashed prior to being included in the immutable record held by validators.
Participants who hold Hash can additionally participate by delegating their stake to validators to receive rewards. Any participant can buy or sell Hash directly by visiting any participating Hash exchange.

How is Provenance Blockchain being used?

Provenance Blockchain has a group of leading financial institutions participating across functions, including:
  • Participants who put assets on Provenance Blockchain. Asset originators (e.g. loans), funds (investments).
  • Participants who purchase/finance assets on Provenance Blockchain. Banks and funds.
  • Participants who securitize assets, and investors who purchase the bonds on Provenance Blockchain.
  • Validators/Delegators. Buy-side, sell-side firms, other financial services companies and 3rd party validators who independently host the blockchain.
  • Omnibus Banks who provide a bridge between fiat and Provenance Blockchain.